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DLM-Office of the Governor – Calendar

Guam Public Notice Website – Pursuant to P.L. 32-037 (Bill No. 26-32 COR)

DLM-Office of the Director

DLM Emergency Evacuation Procedure
Service and Work Request Form
2015Jul17 Official in Charge and Hours of Operation
2015Feb12 Legislative Information Briefing

Chamorro Land Trust Commission

2019Feb06 Active Professional Land Surveyors for CLTC

CLTC Beneficiary Designation Form – APPLICANT
CLTC Beneficiary Designation Form – LESSEE
2018Jan16 CLTC Client Change Form 1
2015Jul08 CLTC Client Land Application
2015Jul08 CLTC Client – Special Power of Attorney
2015Feb26 CLTC Client – Land Application
2015 October – CLTC Proposed Commercial Lots
CLTC Loan Guarantee – Proposed Rules and Regulations
CLTC Leases for Commercial Uses – Highlights
CLTC Leases for Commercial Uses – Final Rules and Regulations
CLTC Leases for Commercial Uses – Record of Public Hearing
CLTC Leases for Commercial Uses – Proposed Rules and Regulations

Guahan Ancestral Lands Commission

2019Jan28 GALC Request Heirs Contact GALC
Budget Reports
2015Aug03 GALC draft rules and regulations relative to the Land Bank Program, Pursuant to section 75107 of Chapter 80, Title 21, Guam Code Annotated

DLM-Division of Land Records

Land Web Application Form
Certificate of Title Request Form
Land Abstraction Request Form
Recording Requirements
Service Fees
Guam LandWeb for Home or Office – Training and User Guides
Guam Municipality Evolution
Guam Municipality Codes
DLM eLand Web App Support

DLM-Division of Planning

G.P.L. No. 33-209
G.P.L. No. 33-219

DLM-Division of Land Survey

GGN Clearance Form
Active Professional Land Surveyors

DLM-Division of Public Land Administration

2017Jan04 Land for the Landless – Program Notice

2016Feb15 Land for the Landless Program – Notice to Contact

DLM-Division of Geographic Information System/Land Information System

Office of Technology – Forms

Computer Use Policy
Office of Technology – Active Directory / E-mail Request Form
Office of Technology – AS400 Remote Access Authorization
Office of Technology – FMS Access Request

Department of Administration

Human Resources Division

Human Resources Division – Leave Application Form
Human Resources Division – Personnel Rules and Regulations
Human Resources Division – Revised Unified Pay Scale – 1996May06
Human Resources Division – Training and Development
Human Resources Division – U.S. Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act

Payroll Division

Internal Revenue Service – Form W4

Retirement Fund

Defined Contribution (DC) Plan – Deferred Retirement

Guam Community College

Office of Apprenticeship – Apprenticeable Occupations 2007Jan