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Created by: PL 21-42; Arts 3, Ch 60, 21 GCA
English: Division of
Chamorro: Dibisión Sisteman Infotmasión Geographiko / Sisteman Infotmasión Tåno'

1. Laws were brought about by the Guam Legislature out of the concern for DLM to gain confidence of the taxpayers in protecting all of Guam's land assets. DLM intends to fulfill this trust partly through office automation.
____A. In 1990,Public Law 20-221 served as the catalyst for DLM's GIS program and LIS program as it provided funds to initiate the automation of DLM's Land records.
____B. In 1991, Public Law 21-42, created the Division of GIS/LIS within DLM. Moreover, it provided the means to obtain additional hardware and software requirements in order to facilitate the automation of DLM's mandated tasks.
____C. In 1995, Public Law 23-31, allowed for the introduction of the 1993 Guam Geodetic Network to control the standards for using GPS relative positioning techniques as updated as necessary and adopt the North American Datum of 1983 as the coordinate reference system.

2. The LIS program is aimed at capturing data elements for the entire island of Guam.
____A. Recorded documents, Recorded maps, Recorded Certificate of Titles, and Recorded Notice of Actions
____B. Naval Guaranty Certificates and Maps
____C. Spanish bull cart trails & crown lands
____D. Guam Zone Maps, Tract Maps, Subdivision Maps, and Condominium Maps and Units
____E. Government of Guam Registered & Unregistered lands
____F. Chamorro Land Trust Lands
____G. Guahan Ancestral Lands

3. The GIS program is aimed at displaying the LIS data elements geographically over a picture of Guam.
____A. Survey accurate geographic location
____B. Relatively accurate geographic location

4. The Division of GIS/LIS employees have reduced over the years.
____A. The LIS program has 3 full-time and 1 CWEP assigned employee to process daily recorded documents, maps, certificate of titles, and notice of actions.
____B. The GIS program has 1 Acting GIS/LIS Division Head to manage the Division.
____C. The Network Systems Support has 1 full-time employee to install, maintain, update, upgrade and coordinate:
________LIS program hardware and software
________GIS program hardware and software
________Network servers and printers access
________VoIP phone system, hardware and software
________Website updates.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I find the Division of GIS/LIS?
A: 590 S. Marine Corp. Drive, 3rd floor ITC Building,Tamuning, Guam.

Q: Who is the manager for the Division of GIS/LIS?
A: George Tydingco, Title: Management Analyst IV, Role: Acting Division Head.

Q: What are employees doing in the Division of GIS/LIS?
A: Data Entry of recorded documents, Data Control of recorded documents, Network System Support, and Website updates.

Q: What number do I call for customer service for the Division of GIS/LIS?
A: (671) 649-5263 x114.

Q: How do I search for recorded land documents and recorded maps?
A: The current Land Information System (LIS) used by DLM is owned by Next Generation called the Land Web app ( Updated by DLM employees each business day to provide information for DLM customers and employees.

Q: What Geographic Information System (GIS) is used by DLM?
A: ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop software with shapefiles and geodatabases created and maintained by the Div. of Land Survey managed by Paul Santos, Chief of Cadastre.