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About Us

Kumision I Tano Saina-ta Guåhan Ancestral Lands Commission (GALC)

The Guåhan Ancestral Lands Commission (GALC) was set up by Guam Public Law 25-45 to pass title of federal excess lands, once returned to Government of Guam, back to original landowners or their heirs. Guam Public Law 25-178 sets the missions, mandates, powers and jurisdiction of the Commission in processing claimant applications for Deed of Title.

On this website, you can learn more on how to apply of for Deed of Title, about our Commission, download forms, view GALC’s expense reports, and more! It is just one of the ways we are making our organization more transparent to better serve the people of Guam.

GALC Mission Statement Pursuant to Guam Public Law 25-45, the Guam Ancestral Lands Commission is created; defines the Commission as “Land Claims Facilitator”; mandates the establishment of a “Land Bank”; and compels “just compensation” as return of ancestral land(s) and/or monetary compensation, by:

Facilitating the return of excessed U.S. federal and Government of Guam lands to their original owners;

Pursuing and advocating for the return of excess U.S. federal and Government of Guam lands to their original owners;

Maintaining a “Land Bank (Trust)” for those dispossessed original landowners who will never realize the return of their ancestral lands; and further, pursuant to Guam Public Law 25-178: that “…Ancestral land claims shall be expedited and claims processing shall be considered an urgency measure by all departments, agencies and instrumentalities of the government of Guam whose cooperation in facilitating meritorious claims is considered required.”

Mission Statements

FY2018 GALC Mission Statement
FY2017 GALC Mission Statement
FY2016 GALC Mission Statement
FY2015 GALC Mission Statement
FY2014 GALC Mission Statement
FY2013 GALC Mission Statement
FY2012 GALC Mission Statement
FY2011 GALC Mission Statement

Board Meetings

All board meetings will be held on the 2nd Wednesday and 4th Wednesday of every Month at 2:00pm.

GALC – Board Meeting Audio Recordings

In compliance to P.L. 31-233, the audio recordings of the board meetings are available at:

The Guam Office of Public Accountability website

GALC – Board Attendance

In compliance to P.L. 31-32, Quarterly attendance reports of board and commission members:

GALC – Board Resolutions

GALC Resolution No. 2017-001 - Radio Barrigada GALC Rights-of-Way Plat

GALC – Board Minutes


2017Mar29 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2017Mar15 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2017Feb22 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2017Feb08 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2017Jan25 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2016Nov30 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2016Oct26 GALC Board Meeting Minutes


2016Sep14 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2016Jul27 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2016Jun22 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2016Apr13 & May11 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2016Feb24 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2016Jan27 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2015Dec16 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2015Nov18 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2015Oct14 GALC Board Meeting Minutes


2015Sep23 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2015Jul08 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2015Jun10 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2015May27 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2015May13 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2015Apr29 GALC Board Meeting Minutes
2015Apr15 GALC Board Meeting Minutes

GALC – Board Meeting Packet


2017May10 GALC Board Meeting Packet
2017Mar29 GALC Board Meeting Packet
2017Mar15 GALC Board Meeting Packet
2017Feb22 GALC Board Meeting Packet
2017Feb08 GALC Board Meeting Packet
2017Jan25 GALC Board Meeting Packet
2016Oct26 GALC Board Meeting Packet


2016Sep14 GALC Board Meeting Packet

Board Commissioners

Name Position Email
Anthony J. Ada Chairperson
Ronald T. Laguana Vice Chairperson
Maria G. Cruz Secretary/Treasurer
Antonio A. Sablan Commissioner
Louisa Flores Wessling Commissioner
Ronald F. Eclavea Commissioner
Anita F. Orlino Commissioner


You can find services information here. 

Forms and Documents

You can find information on forms and documents here.

Budget Report

You can find budget information here.

Contract Report

For Government of Guam Contracts pursuant to 5 GCA §10306
Government of Guam
(2016 4th Qtr) Contracts
(As of January 17, 2017)
Vendor Name Duration Description Contract Amount
TOTALS: 0.00

Staffing Pattern Report

You can find staffing information here.

Audit Report

You can find information on audits here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I find the Guahan Ancestral Land Commission?
A: 590 S. Marine Corp. Drive, 3rd floor ITC Building, Tamuning, Guam.

Q: What number do I call for customer service for the Guahan Ancestral Land Commission?
A: (671) 649-5263 x435.