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DLM Mandates

DLM Mandates

Q: Office of the Director

A: 1. To maintain and effectively manage the destiny of all public lands considering the social and economic factors.

2. To ensure an effective management regulation and control the developments determined to be of public interest for its continued social economic welfare.
3. To operate with positive and dynamic philosophy of management vital to the effective and efficient operation of the Department.
4. Maintains several authorities: Executive Secretary (21 GCA, Chapter 60), Administrator, Territorial Seashore Protection Commission (21 GCA, Chapter 63); Recorder (21 GCA, Chapter 60); Cadastre (21 GCA, Chapter 60); Territorial Surveyor (21 GCA, Chapter 60).
5. To automate and secure geographic and land information system within the Department.
6. To maintain copies of documents from the U.S. Naval Government RE: Government land usage.

Q: Division of Land Records

A: 1. To initiate Land Registration on Government Land pursuant to the Land Registration Act section 1157, Civil Code of Guam.

2. To receive and record documents after ensuring that all legal requirements are compiled pursuant to section 13100, Government Code of Guam and section 1157, Civil Code of Guam.
3. To process all Certificate of Title request such as the Issuance Request, Owner’s Certified in Place of Lost One, Up-date and Certify of Title and Bail Bond Request for use as Evidence in Court.
4. Administer services to the General Public Private Research Companies, Real Estate Companies, etc., and other Government Agencies on the research of ownership, location of boundaries and certification of ownership pertaining to real property.

Q: Division of Land Survey

A: 1. Ensuring registration and survey of unregistered or non-certified Government Land.

2. Establishing control station, Guam Geodetic Triangulation Network (GGTN) and the cadastral mappings of private and public parcels of land.
3. Surveying of public land as requested by the Administration and Court Orders. Establishing of triangulation net (both horizontal and vertical controls) throughout the island and meeting the specifications set forth by the National Geodetic Survey. Maintaining a baseline testing and calibration of survey measurement devices used by all Guam Surveyors. Maintaining a base cadastral map of all approved government and private maps. Responsible for the administration of the Land Survey Revolving Fund; and
4. Maintaining files of all approved and maps for both the government and private sector.

Q: Division of Planning

1. Use Commission, Territorial Seashore Protection Commission, Guam Natural Resource Board and the Development Review Committee entrusted with the regulatory responsibility administering the legislative and executive intent of

  • 21 GCA, Chapter 60 (Land Management Planning);
  • 21 GCA, Chapter 60 (Land Management – Street Naming Plan);
  • 21 GCA, Chapter 60 (Land Management Natural Resource Utilization);
  • 21 GCA, Chapter 61 (Zoning Law); 21 GCA, Chapter 62 (Subdivision Law);
  • 21 GCA, Chapter 63 (Guam Territorial Seashore Protection Act of 1974);
  • 21 GCA, Chapter 45 (Horizontal Property Act);
  • 21 GCA, Chapter 47 (Time Share Ownership Act);
  • Executive Order 78 – 20 (Flood Hazard Area of Particular Concern);
  • Executive Order 96 – 26 (Application Review Committee);
  • Executive Order 90 – 13 (Protection of Wetlands);
  • P.L. 12 – 126, 20 – 151, and Executive Order 89 – 09 (Historical Preservation);
  • P.L. 21-82:4 as amended by P.L.21-144:8 (Summary Zone Change Program);
  • P.L. 25-131, (Split Zone Chang Program);
  • P.L. 21-14 Section 11 (LUPRA)

2. To support and provide for the channeling past, present and future developments into meaningful and integrated direction for the protection and enhancement of the quality of life on Guam.

Q: Division of Public Land Administration

A: 1. To promote and sustain through effective Public Land Management and Administration Techniques the development of productivity of Public Lands.

2. To uniformly dispose the returned surplus Public Lands and to acquire at a fair price by negotiated purchase Private Land for public purposes.
3. To provide staff services program and enforcement; Administer Constructive Land Use Program, Land Acquisition Proposals; and Administered Land Disposition Program.

Q: Division of GIS/LIS

A: 1. Passage of Public Law 20-221 in 1990 served as the catalyst for DLM ‘ s GIS / LIS program as it provided funds to initiate the automation of DLM ‘ s land records. In 1991, Public Law 21-42, created the GIS / LIS Division within DLM. Moreover, it provided the means to obtain additional hardware and software requirements in order to facilitate the automation of DLM’s mandated tasks. These laws were bought about the Legislature out of the concern for DLM to gain confidence of the taxpayers in protecting all of Guam’s land assets. DLM intends to fulfill this trust partly through office automation.

2. The GIS/LIS program is aimed at capturing all data elements (maps and land records) for the entire island of Guam. GIS/LIS is required to provide automation with various divisions within DLM.
3. The GIS/LIS division has several computers of which must be maintained and served as needed. Moreover, personnel are required to conduct technical assistance and maintenance for the GIS / LIS division’s mandates. The current software used will require continual updates as new technology is developed.

Guam Office of Public Auditors - Memorandums
Governor's Executive Orders

Governor’s Executive Orders

E.O. 2017-06 – 2017Nov24 GovGuam Holiday.
E.O. 2015-10 – Disaster Debris Management Task Force.
E.O. 2015-09 – Social Media Policy.
Emergency Declaration 2015-02 – Typhoon Dolphin (07W)
E.O. 2006-07 – National Incident Management System
E.O. 2006-02 Land Use Master Plan for Dos Amantes
E.O. 2004-04 Watershed Planning Committee
E.O. 2002-22 Reducing the Number of Meetings of the Application Review Committee, Guam Land Use Commission, Guam Seashore Protection Commission, and Guam Natural Resources Board
E.O. 2002-19 Ancestral Land Use and Administration
E.O. 2001-17 Land Use Task Force to Assist the Guam Planning Council
E.O. 98-16 Governor’s Parental Involvement Initiative
E.O. 97-08 Governor’s Ancestral Lands Commission, Ancestral Land Claims Office, Ancestral Land Claims Facilitation Office
E.O. 96-26 Application Review Committee to Replace the Development Review Committee
E.O. 96-24 Department of Administration’s Personnel Rules and Regulations
E.O. 96-19 Local Redevelopment Authority and Reuse Planning Committee
E.O. 91-12 Implementation of a Residential Land Use Permit Program
E.O. 90-19 Reserving Certain Government-owned Land for Land Use Permit Purposes
E.O. 90-10 Requirements for Environmental Impact Assessments
E.O. 87-19 Leasing of Government-owned Land for Commercial Purposes
E.O. 85-16 Land Use Policy Committee
E.O. 85-6 Leasing of Government-owned Land for Commercial Purposes
E.O. 85-2 Navy Land Transfer to the Government of Guam
E.O. 80-12 Training and Development Guidelines and Policy Administration Handbook
E.O. 79-23 Economic and Land Use for Cabras Island and Surrounding Areas
E.O. 79-20 Rules and Regulations of Agriculture Land Leases
E.O. 78-37 Guam Land Use Policies
E.O. 78-21 Protection of Wetlands
E.O. 75-24 Temporary Transfer of Functions to Territorial Planning Commission
E.O. 74-21 Central Planning Council and Central Planning Administration
E.O. 70-21 Territorial Planning Commission
E.O. 69-5 Department of Land Management to Administer Training & Fellowship programs
E.O. 68-28 Transfer of Parks and Grounds to Department of Commerce
E.O. 66-17 Transfer of Parks and Grounds to the Department of Land Management
E.O. 66-15 Regulations Governing Land Surveys in Guam
E.O. 16-60 Abolition of Parks Section, Division of Planning, Department of Land Management
E.O. 15-60 Transfer of Guam Museum from Department of Land Managegement
E.O. 6-60 Transfer of Functions of the Director of Public Works
E.O. 5-59 Organization and Functions of the Department of Land Management
E.O. 2-53 Locations and Boundaries of Villages
E.O. 7-49 Availability of Government Lands for Agricultural Purposes
E.O. 4-48 Government Lands for Agricultural Purposes

Guam Public Laws

Guam Public Laws


Department of Land Management

DLM MOU, MOA, Policies, Procedures, and Workflow