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About Us

Department of Land Management
Dipattementon Manmanehan Tåno'

1. To maintain and effectively manage the destiny of all public lands considering the social and economic factors.

2. To ensure an effective management regulation and control of developments determined to be in the best public interest for its continued social and economic welfare.

3. To operate with positive and dynamic philosophy of management vital to the effective and efficient operation of the Department.

4. Maintains several authorities:
  • - Executive Secretary, Guam Land Use Commission (21 GCA, Chapter 60);
  • - Administrator, Territorial Seashore Protection Commission (21 GCA, Chapter 63);
  • - Territorial Recorder (21 GCA, Chapter 60);
  • - Territorial Cadastre (21 GCA, Chapter 60);
  • - Territorial Surveyor (21 GCA, Chapter 60);
  • - Administrative Director, Chamorro Land Trust Commission (21 GCA, Ch. 75, Reorganization Advisory No. 9).

5. To automate and secure Geographic and Land Information Systems within the Department.

6. To evaluate management services, effectiveness and recommend or initiate changes in policies, procedures and program requirements for improved departmental effectiveness.

7. To re-vamp the Record Sections to adequately accommodate the public demand for Certificate of Titles and abstract research.

8. To complete the overhaul of Land Administration Division’s current programs with respect to Government Lands.

9. To ensure all government lands are registered, monitored, and protected.

10. To supervise the operation of the Department’s legal mandates.

11. To develop an effective system of operation towards high performance standards in order to promote and provide better and satisfactory services to the general public.

12. To monitor and supervise the implementation and completion of programs established under various Public Laws affecting the Department.

13. To ensure security of record keeping systems and to implement the automation and digitalization of the Department.

14. To ensure the highest and best use of all Chamorro Land Trust lands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I find the Office of the Director?

A: 7th Floor, I.T.C. Building, 590 S. Marine Corp. Dr., Tamuning, Guam 96913

Q: Where can I find a DLM Service and Work Request form?

A: Click here for the DLM Service and Work Request form