Department of Land Management (Dipåttamenton Minanehan Tåno’) Department of Land Management (Dipåttamenton Minanehan Tåno’)


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Public Resources

Chamorro Land Trust Commission, Kåtgo Inangokkon Tåno' CHamoru

Guam Ancestral Lands Commission, Kåtgo I Tåno' Guelo-ta

Guam Land Use Commission, Kåtgo Yuma Tåno' Guahån

Guam Seashore Protection Commission, Kåtgo Sinague' Uriyan Tasi Guahån

Application Review Committee, Komiti Ribisa Aplikasión

Office of the Director, Ufisinan I Direktot

Division of Public Land Administration, Dibisión Atministrasión Tåno' upbliku

Division of Land Planning, Dibisión Mamplaneha

Division of Land Survey, Dibisión Agramensian Tåno'

Division of Land Records, Dibisión Apunta (Nota) Tåno'

Division of Geographic Information System / Land Information System, Dibisión Sisteman Infotmasión Geographiko / Sisteman Infotmasión Tåno'

Employee Resources